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Visualforce pages into Lightning Platform have several ways to be included in Salesforce. Do you want to know more about it?

When an organization has complex business processes which require unique UI and are not support by existing functionality, we can use Visualforce pages, that’s the importance of it.

Applications of Visualforce Pages into Lightning Platform

A Visualforce Page (VFP) can be incorporated into as tabs, home pages, page layouts, buttons, links, components, menu items, quick actions and pages.


When creating a custom tab we are allow to embed Visualforce pages.

Go to Setup and search for “Tabs“. In the Visualforce Tabs section we are allow to create a new tab related a visualforce page.

In addition, we can override Tab home Pages. Overriding tabs only works when the Visualforce pages uses the standard list controller for that tab, that means, using custom controllers or no controller.

Page Layouts

We can embed visualforce pages into page layouts. However, that VFP should use the standard controller of the standard or custom object associated with the page layout.

Button or Link

We can configure Buttons or links to launch Visualforce pages. Also, we can override buttons or actions in standard or custom objects.

To create a custom button for an standard object, go to the “Buttons, Links and Actions” section in the object and clic in “New Button or Link”, select the visualforce page option in Content Source and, finally, add it to the Object’s Layout from Mobile & Lightning Actions.

To replace a standard button, link or action. Go to that section in the object, select the button and clic in Edit and select as “override with” option your visualforce page.

Learn More

To know more about Salesforce can go to The Lightning Component Framework

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