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The Lightning Component Framework is a UI framework that allows building single-page web apps with dynamic and responsive user interfaces in Salesforce.

Benefits of Using Lightning Component Framework

  • Utilizes event-driven architecture. Therefore, components are capable of listening and response events.
  • Can build responsive applications.
  • Uses Javascript on the client side and Apex on the server side.
  • Utilizes a stateful client and a stateless server. It means, it calls the server only when is necessary incresing the effience of the app.
  • Can use Aura or Lightning Web Components to build components that coexist and interoperate on a page.
  • Can use in different context. For example, can be used in Custom Tabs, Lightning Experience and the Salesforce mobile app.
  • Components are reusable and reduce time development.

Event-Driven in Lightning Component Framework

  • Utilizes event-driven architecture which consists of event procedures, event consumers, and channels.
  • To handle information in real time when an event occurs.
  • Simplifies communication by decoupled event producers from event consumers.
  • A component can subscribe to an application event or a visible component event.

Built-in Apps

  • Theres a wide range of built-in components to build apps quickly.
  • Can be responsive.
  • Can be use in different devices without problems.
  • Also, can build reusable components building blocks and accelerate app development.
  • Can customize applications and components using the Salesforce Design Guidelines call Lightning System Design.

Multiple Uses Cases

  • Components can be accessed from the navigation menu in the Salesforce Mobile App.
  • In addition, Lightning components can be added to Visualforce Pages usign the <apex:includeLightning /> component.
  • We can publish components on the Appexchange and shared with others.
  • Standard and custom components can be added to Lightning Pages using the Lightning App Builder.
  • Finally, we can use Experience Builder to add componentes in a community.

Increased Performance

  • Lightning components runs on stateful and stateless architecture to use resources efficiently.
  • Increses efficiency by utilizing server, browser, devices and network intelligently.
  • Use Javascript on the client side to manage UI component metadata and data.
  • Client calls the server or only sends requests to it only when necessary.
  • Server only sends the data that is needed by the client.
  • Can use JSON format to exhange data between client and server.

More Information

For more Salesforce information: Static and Instance in Apex Salesforce

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